In conjunction with Business enrichment program where we train the community on how to manage and run a business from grass root to a level where they can get profits, every year we conduct 4 classes in different villages, this is due because each class takes a period of 3 months. More support is needed to enhance on the progress of this program since each class costs $500.00 to be conducted, this includes money to start up a test project at the end of the training.  

JWOV has developed the culture of saving in many people through establishing small village banks to enable the people to learn to save for their future. This program has enabled many women to meet their family demands since they give themselves small loans to improve/boost on their businesses so as to raise their incomes. So far we have 6 village banks in existence that are really doing well. Through this program we have extended our services towards equipping the youth with entrepreneurship skills that can be helpful for their future growth…like computer skills, sewing skills, bakery skills etc… 

Our goal is to build up a bakery, computer training center, a resource center where people can come and access information.