Sponsoring an orphan, you can help feed, clothe, treat, and educate a child. Without your help many children will be forced to fend for themselves in the world of horrors, no child should face this dilemma.

JWOV orphan program wants to connect you with the needy children of Uganda, this program differs from others in that we care for every need of the child rather than just one or two aspects. Your sponsorship will help care for a child in the following ways:

Children’s Direct Support Program

  • Feeding
  • Clothing
  • School Fees and supplies
  • Medical Care
  • Sports
  • Leisure time (Swimming, etc)
  • Spiritual Discipleship (Spiritual life Development)
  • Counseling services
  • Special School Visitation Days(for those in Boarding section)

Children’s Indirect Support Programs

  • Administration costs
  • Staff Salaries and allowances 
  • Utilities (electricity, water, etc)

In order to provide these services, each child requires a financial sponsor. For each child to be fully taken care of, it takes multiple sponsorships to cover the needs of each child.

  • All children in primary school (known as preschool through middle school) are to have full sponsorships which is $30 a month.
  • All children in secondary school (known as high school) require 2 full sponsorships (this includes their secondary education fees) which is $60 a month ($30×2).

We break up the sponsorship so that it can be affordable for each sponsor. There are also rare circumstances in which some of our children will require additional sponsorship due to health or other special needs. 

Students operate on trimesters (terms).  Donors will receive an immediate acknowledgement for their commitment to a child along with a picture and bio.  

At the end of the each trimester, donors will receive the child’s report of progress on their class performance from the teacher.  Donors will be invited to write to his/her child via Jesus’ wind of victory box number: c/o: wamimbi Julius, P.O.Box 1214, Jinja – Uganda and electronically through our email address: [email protected].