As Jesus’ wind of victory we have seen the cries of the elderly people in several rural areas starving to death, sleeping without food for the entire week, living under poor sanitation and hygiene and no medical care. After a thorough assessment in one of the village in Kayunga, we decided to move forward by providing food baskets, mosquito nets, and other household’s items to the elderly people of Byabuku village.

Currently we are working with 100 households under limited resources. The age range is from 50+ years, most of the elderly people we work with are widows and widowers who can’t afford to place a meal on their table. These are at times neglected by the community so as an organization we are trying to come in as help in any way we can.

Therefore I call upon whoever is willing to join hands with us to support these wonderful people of God. From our assessment we found out that each house needs $80.00 to sustain it the entire month…..approx. $3.00 a day. I know to some of us this is tip you offer after your breakfast, sacrifice that $3.00 tip to enable a household have a meal every day here in Byabuku village.