The mission of Jesus’ Wind of Victory is to provide a quality standard of life for the orphans, vulnerable and other needy children in the communities of Uganda.  Through child sponsorship we are able to provide food, shelter and education.  In addition we work to empower the youth and widows with survival skills. 


We seek to have a caring and loving society where the entire community is endowed with self-esteem, respect, responsibility, discipline and productivity. 


Guide our children to Christ and inspire them to live God-centered lives.
Reveal the character and attributes of God and His plan for mankind through Scripture-based, age-appropriate ministry programs.
Affirm the uniqueness & giftedness of each child as created in the image of God.
Create significant, lasting relationships with children, teachers, & families.
Encourage our children to serve and renew their communities through the knowledge and application of the Gospel. 


  1. To improve quality of life by caring for orphans and needy youths through supporting their education and general welfare.
  2. To extend skills training and capacity building to the communities where some youths and women cannot access higher education.
  3. To provide Guidance and counseling services to orphans and vulnerable children.​​
  4. To provide Life skills Education to the orphans/vulnerable children.


  • Feeding
  • Clothing
  • School Fees and supplies
  • Medical Care
  • Sports
  • Leisure time (Swimming, etc)
  • Spiritual Discipleship 
  • Counseling services
  • Special School Visitation Days

Contact us

Uganda +256 776 594949

Mailing Address
Jesus’ wind of victory – Uganda
P.O.Box 1214
Jinja, Uganda

[email protected]